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There are some parts that you can't buy new so the next best thing is to have them 'reconditioned'.

So what's the difference between reconditioned and rebuilt? Essentially, rebuilt units have been re-manufactured with new parts or sub-assemblies while reconditioned parts have been broken down to the individual components, cleaned, lubricated, painted (if applicable), re-chromed  (if applicable) and re-assembled. 

Reconditioned 100E Anglia fuel gauge.

Notice the back of the assembly with new metal washers and nuts. Housing has been painted as well.

Over a period of years, your gas tank accumulates 'gunk' and sometimes begins to rust out. We can 'recondition' your gas tank.

Send in your gas tank and we'll clean it up, media blast, remove any rust, repair any holes, prime, paint and seal.


Finished, reconditioned Metropolitan gas tank ready to ship back to customer.


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