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Metal Spinning is the process of forming three dimensional symmetrical parts from flat circles of metal. Metal spinning provides an economical alternative to stamping, casting and many other metal forming processes.

A flat circular blank is mounted on the spinning lathe and with a series of roller passes, the material "flows" and is laid down onto a mandrel that is the ID profile of the desired finished part.

The mandrel is typically referred to as a "Spin Chuck" and is usually made from wood or steel. Wood tooling is often used for short-run or prototype work. Steel tooling is used when tighter tolerances are required and for longer running production runs.

Both wood or steel spin tooling is far less costly than the tooling required for other metal forming processes.

This lamp assembly incorporates a variety of our capabilities:
- metal casting
- metal spinning
- plastic moulding production
- electrical assembly
- testing & quality control

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