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When we say plastics, we're actually referring to a wide variety of urethane, phenolic, synthetic rubber or other polymers which are cast into moulds. The process is similar for making headlamps and taillights to distributor caps and rotors.

First, our craftsmen make a mold of the part to be reproduced.

Second, plastic mixture is poured into the mould.
Third, moulds are baked. Fourth, after cooling, the piece is popped out of the mould.
Fifth, the new rubber piece is hand finished. Finally, the finished piece is ready for shipment.
An example of our lens capability. These front marker turn signals fit a Princess 4LR and come in amber/clear or clear, RH and LH configurations. Example of amber lens in right-hand and left-hand configurations. These rear turn signal lenses fit the Vanden Plas Princess 4LR.
Sidelamp flasher assembly represents several core competencies to produce: moulded plastics for lense and base, and metal casting for bezel. Fits Sunbeam Alpine Tiger. Back side of the flasher assembly showing the complexity of the unit. Our craftsmen continue to amaze themselves in their ability to reproduce quality parts.

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