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Kip Motor first came out with door handles for Metropolitans as we couldn't source quality parts. One of our craftsmen with experience making jewelry helped fine tune the process - which is very labor intensive. This process is used to make door handles (as shown below) hinges, bevels, badges, nameplates, and fenderscripts.

First, a unique mould is made for each part.

Molten metal is poured into mold.  Once cooled and removed from the mould, the part begins a transformation from a rough casting to fine finish - wet sanded by hand.
Polishing metal castings

Hand sanding metal casting prior to chrome tank.

The hand sanded casting is wired to a rack ready for chrome plating.

Early Metropolitan Door Handle

Rack with Metropolitan Fenderscripts

The finished product - authentic reproduction door handles (for an early Metropolitan).

Metropolitan fenderscript process from rough metal casting (at top of rack) through progressive sanding, chrome plating, and finished product at bottom.

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