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NEW Datsun 240Z Tail Lenses Available!

Authentic reproduction tail lights made in the U.S.A.

Dallas, Texas - July 27, 2013 --- Kip Motor Company, a spares supplier for uncommon, antique British automobiles, announces the availability of the tail light tenses for the Datsun 240z.  Virtually identical to the original piece, these complex lenses may be purchased separately with or without the trim piece or either right or left. "We have perfected our plastic methodology which enables us to produce plastic parts and lenses economically in small batches especially when new-old-stock (NOS) parts are no longer available. This way, car owners can enjoy their "Z" says president, Kip Lankenau. All components are made by craftsmen at the Dallas, Texas facility.

Kip Motor Company specializes in parts for Metropolitan and other uncommon British automobiles originally imported but no longer serviced by the original factory or other major supplier. Due to dwindling NOS and used part supplies, customers have requested other foreign or domestic parts for their concours vehicles. Our goal is to provide car enthusiast with the parts and information required to restore and maintain their vehicles to the highest level of authenticity and originality. Visit our website at for more information.

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Datsun 240Z Tail Lenses:

220-24166L Tail Lens Left $325.00 ea
220-24166L-T Lens Trim Left $85.00 ea



220-224166R Tail Lens Right $325.00 ea
220-224166R-T Lens Trim Right $85.00 ea

Datsun 240z 1970-1973


Datsun 240Z Tail Light Left with Trim

Left Datsun 240Z Tail Lens
with Trim


Datsun 240Z Tail Light Right with Trim

Right Datsun 280Z Tail Lens
with Trim

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Kip Motor Company is a founding member British Motor Trade Association.

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